Our Strategy > Finding the Best Coverage Within Your Available Budget

Shopping for health insurance is a frustrating experience for most people.  Although the health insurance marketplace is very competitive, premium costs are not the only important consideration. Company size, financial ratings, networks, rate increase history and customer service are just some of the other equally important factors that should be considered when choosing the right plan.

Whether you are researching Life Insurance, Senior Health Products and Medicare plans, Affordable Care Act compliant plans and alternatives, Dental/Vision/Hearing, Home Healthcare, Cancer or Critical Illness plans you must be well-informed and well-advised to get the most out of your premium dollars.  Using an experienced and independent broker can greatly simplify that process and won't cost you a penny more than going it alone.

Medicare Plans > What is Covered and What Isn't

Although Medicare is great insurance there are still  deductibles and co-insurance you are responsible for and there are no out-of-pocket limits.  Regardless of whether a Medicare Supplement plan or a Medicare Advantage plan is the best fit for your particular situation we can help explain all your options and assist you in choosing the right plan for you and your budget; providing you with the peace-of-mind you are looking for and potential savings as well.  We can also assist in selecting a Medicare Part D drug plan that covers your specific medications and can help you determine if you qualify for 'extra help' with your prescription costs.

Individual Major Medical (Affordable Care Act compliant) and Alternatives > Learn You Options

Nearly everybody is confused about their healthcare options, especially the under 65 or non-Medicare market and rightly so.  Relying just on media reports for a clear and unbiased explanation of your options will likely leave you with many questions.  We are happy to evaluate your current coverage and present you with side-by side comparisons of alternatives that exist.  This market is very dynamic and changes occur yearly and sometimes more often than that.

Dental/Vision/Hearing Plans > An Affordable Option for You

Routine dental, vision and hearing are not covered by Original Medicare (your red, white and blue card) yet those are still important to most people and not having coverage for those areas can greatly affect your quality of life. We offer affordable solutions, some of which provide equally good coverage in all three areas. Guarenteed issue, guaranteed renewable, family rates available. No waiting period for exams, cleanings, xrays, fillings, extractions.  Several plan types are available. 

Issue ages from 18-85 and some plans are guaranteed renewable for life in most states.
 Isn't One Broker as Good as Another? > Not Necessarily
Great question. With all of the insurance agents out there it might seem like one agent or broker is as good as another. But we are different that most. As evidenced in our name Mature Market Insurance Servcies, LLC, the 'Senior (Mature) Market' has always been our focus.  We understand the Medicare marketplace and the options that exist. We help you navigate and understand election periods, network considerations, drug tiers, deductibles, co-pays, penalties and coverage gaps that may exist.and how they affect you.  In addition to that we also offer a variety of other 'ancillary' products that we can put in place to round out your coverage and fill in coverage gaps.

We offer 'Products for Peace of Mind'.


Please don´t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have regarding available plans in your area.  We stand ready to earn your trust and your business.  We want to help you understand what options are available to you while trying to keep everything within your budget.  There is never any charge for our assistance or advice.  You will never pay a dime more by using an agent or broker rather than trying to go it alone online or over the phone with the company.  What you do get from us is a broker working for you.

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